Hello! I'm Sonja Lehtomäki

I help you and your products to stand out with a unique


"I wish to conjure a sense of wonder in all of my work. I want that people can immerse themselves in the details of my creations to find pieces of themselves. ”



Increase your sales and differentiate in the market by acquiring the final touch for your product or project. See if my patterns and design style would fit for you.



Finalize your work with one of a kind illustrations and gain the exposure you deserve. What kind of illustration style would match your work? See my illustration projects.



Let your business grab attention with beautiful photography or cheer yourself with art photography. Visit my gallery.


Photograph by Juhani Lehtomäki

Photograph by Juhani Lehtomäki

How many of us can truly say: "I'm following my dream and passion in life". I know I can. TRULY. I live and breathe for creative work.

Some time ago I would not have believed this would be possible, but here I am. I've always felt the creativity in me and it has shown as a passion for drawing and photography. When deciding what to do when I grow up I couldn't see the possibility to make living with my drawings or taking photographs.

I chose a career as a scientist. In 2012 after finding myself too deep in a world with zero creativity I jumped. I started design studies and felt I could breathe again. I graduated as a designer in Interior Architecture but somewhere along the way found my true love, pattern design. Luckily my 8 years of experience in the field of science made me a specialist in project management and gave me the insight of the importance of quality. Now I'm able to apply this vast experience for my work as a designer.




There are countless of definitions for what quality stands for. I think quality consists of two things. First, feeling good about my work and second, meeting the requirements of the client that we agreed upon before the project. Quality is not just end-result, it extends through everything you do. It’s about caring your client and products, considering decisions, doing the ground work, honoring the process and being sensitive and listening.


I think there are two kinds of important trusts in business. Trusting yourself and trust between you and your client. Trusting yourself is about staying true to who you are and what you can do. It’s about acceptance and believing in your own thing. Without the trust in yourself, it’s inevitable that you waste your time in unhealthy comparisons to others and feel insecure. Good business is always built on trust. When the client trusts you and your business the relationship is more likely to grow as a long term collaboration. It’s not about doing everything perfectly it’s about how you act when you make a mistake.


I believe that we only have this life so why not make the most of it. Do the work you want to. Learn the skills you want to. Live your every day in balance. The key is to know yourself to be able to take care of yourself. It’ s impossible to be creative and deliver when feeling imbalanced. Often best ideas come easily when you’re feeling good and relaxed. Deadline works well too but constantly working under deadline can be very consuming. Give yourself space, know what’s good for you and seek your balance.


Doing same work day after day is not for me. Learning new things, fresh ideas and creating something never created before is vital. In my case creativity and my well-being goes hand in hand. Without it, I don’t exist. My creativity makes me laugh and happy. It helps me to process hard things and build self-confidence. To be able to evolve personally and from the business point of view, you have to acknowledge that growth is a crucial part of it. Being open to feedback, being nice to people and genuinely wanting to help takes far.

Treasure the ability to see
beautiful things around you.
Sense the wonders.
— Sonja Lehtomäki