If you are interested in licensing my design check out the pattern collection and choose a pattern for your product or project.

There are three licensing options to choose from. Look the details below and go with the most suitable one for your needs. After the payment you receive an email with the link to download the pattern and copy of the License Agreement. 

If you want work with me on a commission please contact me for further discussion.

  • file you receive is not editable bitmap image (jpeg)
  • the design can be downloaded multiple times by various licensees

Non- Exclusive Licence

Color Exclusive Licence

  • exclusivity to one colorway
  • file you receive is not editable bitmap image (JPEG)
  • other color versions of the design can be downloaded by other licensee/ licensees

  • editable AI/ EPS vector file
  • enables color changes, scaling, other adjustments
  • exclusive rights to use the design

Full Exclusive Licence

  • custom-made pattern is designed specifically for your product or project only
  • work on commission

Custom Pattern