Design Week Kuopio 2018 - Visual Identity

Teamwork: Defogging Illustration (Sumun poisto) - Sonja Lehtomäki, Defogging Font and Poster Layout - Noora Ketolainen, Colours - Sonja Lehtomäki & Noora Ketolainen, Visual Identity brainstorming - Sonja Lehtomäki, Noora Ketolainen, Maiju Pääkkönen & Diana Pitkänen. 

FourL (Live, Love, Life, Lollipop)

A personal illustration for Grovehill Creative Studio brand Hento Design®. More about Hento Design®..

Hento Design®

Grovehill Creative Studio's brand that creates fairytale like illustrations inspired by the Finnish nature. Click here to see more..


A personal art project.


A personal art project. Prints are sold in Curioos.

Never Too Late

An abstract art work for a private client.


A personal abstract art work.